Economical mounting of torque limiters on gearbox input shafts

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Economical mounting of torque limiters on gearbox input shaftsTorque limiting is often needed to protect machine workpieces, tooling and even machine operators. Whilst the ideal place for limiting is usually the output shaft of the gearbox, mounting there can be impractical if high torques lead to the selection of large and costly torque limiters. The new range of ComInTec PR torque limiters gets round this problem with a design suited to B5 mounting at the high-speed input shaft to the gearbox. Here they are a cost-effective option for machine protection when used with efficient gearboxes, for example helical and helical bevel designs.

PR torque limiters with B5 aluminium housing are designed to easily mount between the motor and gearbox suiting frame sizes from 63 to 180. The assembly comes with a proximity switch set to sense an overload and a trip torque pre-set to customer requirements. Compared with mounting at the output of the gearbox, the required trip torque is reduced by the gear ratio and ComInTec offer a range from 3 to 720Nm. Designed for typical applications in packaging, food, processing and materials handling, PR torque limiters are backlash free with single position engagement. They are highly sensitive from the use of disc springs with a negative spring rate meaning that the residual torque drops sharply after an overload. Re-engagement is automatic and they are maintenance free.

Mounting on the gearbox input shaft results in the required torque falling by the gear ratio so the torque limiter can be smaller and lower cost. The PR range is effective when used with high-efficiency gearboxes that allow overloads to be sensed accurately. With B5 mounting, high sensitivity and freedom from maintenance, the PR is easy to install and use.

The range of ComInTec torque limiters and technical support is available in the UK through Techdrives.

09 July 2015

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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