Safe installation of heavy UPS power storage devices

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Safe installation of heavy UPS power storage devicesPhoenix Contact’s installation kit for battery blocks is designed for securely mounting large UPS power storage devices on floors and walls.

When an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is combined with one of the heavier power storage devices that weigh up to 26kg, such as the UPS-BAT/VRLA/24DC/38AH, UPS-BAT/VRLA-WTR/24DC/26AH, or UPS-BAT/VRLA-WTR/24DC/13AH, a standard snap-on mounting rail is no longer adequate. Heavy-duty power storage is needed, for example, when a load current of 40A needs to be buffered for an hour.

Thanks to the flexible installation design of the battery frame, the storage device can be mounted on the wall as well as on the floor. A retaining bracket securely fastens the storage device to the battery frame, guaranteeing reliable operation even when the device is subjected to strong vibrations. With a mechanical load capacity of 2.3g, the kit is certified by Germanischer Lloyd (GL), which makes it suitable for the extreme demands posed by the shipbuilding industry. The retaining bracket additionally functions as a fastening panel for the processor-driven control electronics.

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