Lube element extends operating life for LLT profile rail guides

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Lube element extends operating life for LLT profile rail guidesSKF is releasing a new lube element that further increases the operating life of its LLT profile rail guide series. The new LLTHZ S6 lube element enables longer relubrication intervals and reduced maintenance, and is suitable for use in a variety of applications, including factory automation, printing and packaging, and medical.

The SKF LLT profile rail guide series combines high operating speeds with heavy load capacities, delivering improved running performance, enhanced self-aligning capability and stick-slip-free operation for the life of the rail guide. The new lube element is designed for use with LLT profile rail guides that range from 15–35mm and increases the relubrication interval to 5000km, resulting in a reduction in maintenance frequency.

Manufactured from polyoxymethylene (POM), the tough and durable lube element housing – available in five sizes – performs to a high standard, enables quick and easy clip-on installation and replacement, and is suitable for all LLT carriage types.

Commenting on the new LLTHZ S6 lube element, Phil Nicholas, Channel and Platform Development Manager, Mechatronics at SKF, says: “Whereas many similar market offerings require a whole new rail guide unit to be purchased when the lube element reaches end of life, the LLTHZ S6 lube element is part of SKF’s modular accessory range and can be ordered separately as a consumable. This enables users to save significant cost through purchasing the consumable lube element instead of a new replacement unit.”

Also available are an adapter plate to allow for side lubrication, plus a lubrication connector to enable the connection of automatic lubrication systems. In addition, a special shield offers engineers a useful alternative in applications that are particularly sensitive and require very low friction or in medical/semi-conductor applications where there is no need for a seal due to the environment. The LLTHZ S6 can be combined and ordered with standard LLT accessories.

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