Surge protection redesigned – high performance with safeguards

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Surge protection redesigned – high performance with safeguards Lightning and surge protection for power supply units is now especially high performance and durable. It is made possible by the new Safe Energy Control (SEC) technology with its non-reactive spark gap from Phoenix Contact.

All protective devices in the new product line have been completely redesigned and are now based on SEC technology. The heart of the type 1 lightning current arrester is a spark gap that safely impedes secondary currents. While system fuses were often blown by previous protective devices, such inconveniences are a thing of the past with SEC technology. The devices are very durable and operate inconspicuously without impairing the protected system. The type 2 and type 3 surge protection devices are also designed for high performance and functional reliability. The compact design and universal pluggability of the arresters makes installation, operation, and maintenance easier.

The type 2 surge protection devices measure only 12mm per channel. The new type 3 device protection now combines surge protection with integrated arrester back-up fuses in a particularly compact housing. The pluggability of all products allows quick, simple insulation measurements. The Checkmaster 2 arrester testing device is available to check all devices for correct operation.

This new product family is particularly easy to install. The base unit and plug can be rotated 180 degrees so that the labelling on each can be easily read at any time and the connecting cables remain short. The Biconnect terminals allow two connections per channel, allowing installation with V-shaped feed-through wiring. The large labelling surface on the protective devices allows simple identification in the control cabinet. The optical-mechanical status

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