Multichannel electronic circuit breakers

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Multichannel electronic circuit breakersPhoenix Contact’s multichannel electronic CBM circuit breakers protect electrical systems against overloads and short circuit currents at a very compact component width of just 41mm. The device’s built-in rated current assistant makes it significantly easier to configure the rated currents for the connected loads.

In addition, the two new circuit breakers with four and eight channels, respectively, provide electronic locking of the settings entered for the rated currents. This prevents accidental changes of the device settings. The rated current can be set stepwise from 0.5A right up to 10A for each channel, which makes it much easier to select suitable protection devices. A set of LED signals continuously indicates the status of the connected devices as well as the power supply to the circuit breaker itself. The circuit breaker is able to detect and signal under loads and overloads, and it can switch off the connected loads according to a predefined procedure. The signalling concept simplifies the troubleshooting of downstream system components.

The current of each channel is actively limited to ensure the best possible load distribution, which makes it possible to use smaller power supplies. These electronic circuit breakers are particularly suitable for machine control, and plant systems, thanks to their wide temperature range, the use of push-in connections, and excellent shock and vibration resilience.

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