Cutmaster handheld plasma cutters for material 6-40mm thick

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Cutmaster handheld plasma cutters for material 6-40mm thickESAB is promoting its Cutmaster portable air plasma cutting systems that range in output from 20 to 120A and produce a recommended 'quality' cut on material from 6-40mm. ESAB says its Cutmaster plasma cutters are among the lightest and most compact in the industry, making them highly portable and easy to store.

With ESAB Cutmaster products, the recommended cut capacity equals the system's true cut capacity. A recommended cut has a smooth cut face with little or no dross and requires little or no rework or grinding, all of which improve productivity and quality. ESAB Cutmaster products provide additional output when needed, offering a maximum cut thickness that ranges from 60 to 150 per cent greater than the recommended cut. As a result, they eliminate the concept of having to 'buy up' by purchasing a machine larger than the end user normally needs.

Four products in the ESAB Cutmaster Series (the 60, 80, 100 and 120) share common features. These include a tubular 'roll bar' that protect the front and rear of the power supply for durability, as well as making the unit easier to carry. A trigger latch feature helps to avoid hand fatigue during longer cuts, as it allows the operator to release the trigger while the system keeps cutting. Colour-coded LEDs on the front panel indicate pressure status and setup errors. The Auto Pilot Restart feature instantly reignites the pilot arc while cutting expanded metals such as grates and chain link fences. Each unit comes standard with the 1Torch (6.1 or 15.2m cable options), but they also accept mechanised and automated torches. Primary power options are 50/60Hz, 400V, three-phase CE unit.

Product highlights include the following:

  • The ESAB Cutmaster 60 features a 60-amp output, has a genuine cut of 20mm and severance cut of 32mm. It provides a 12mm cut at 635mm per minute, which is 25 per cent to more than 100 per cent faster than competitive models and weighs just 19.5kg. This unit can also be used for medium duty gouging applications when fitted with the correct torch consumables.
  • The ESAB Cutmaster 80 features an 80-amp output, has a genuine cut of 25mm and severance cut of 38mm. It also weighs just 19.5kg.
  • The ESAB Cutmaster 100 features a 100-amp output, has a genuine cut of 35mm and severance cut of 45mm and weighs 28.1kg.
  • The ESAB Cutmaster 120 features a 120-amp output, has a genuine cut of 40mm and severance cut of 55mm and weighs 28.1kg. For primary power and location flexibility, the ESAB Cutmaster 40 enables users to switch from 1-phase, 208–230V AC primary power to 115V AC primary. This unit produces a genuine cut on 12mm material, cuts a maximum thickness of 15mm material and weighs only 11.8kg.

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