New software products for overall process automation

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New software products for overall process automationPhoenix Contact is introducing atvise scada, AIP, and Acron software to add visualisation, alarm management, and data archiving functions to its portfolio. With the integration of this software into its own product line, Phoenix Contact takes another step toward becoming a supplier of complete systems for process automation, for example, in infrastructure applications such as the water and wastewater industry.

The atvise scada visualisation software allows users to implement even complex control and monitoring tasks without being restricted to a fixed location or device. The visualisation data can be accessed from any standard browser. An editor for web professionals offers further possibilities for direct JavaScript programming.

Phoenix Contact’s AIP (alarm information portal) alarm management software is suitable for location-independent process monitoring. The software can be linked via standard interfaces such as OPC (Open Process Control) to control and visualisation systems and reliably keeps service staff updated through media such as e-mail or text messages.

The Acron Plant Chronicler logs all plant and operating data in redundant databases when required. Using the log function, meaningful and customisable charts and documents can be periodically generated. Acron conveniently integrates with visualisation systems and controls via standardised interfaces such as OPC UA (Unified Architecture).

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