Pluggable lightning arrester with backup fuse

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Pluggable lightning arrester with backup fusePhoenix Contact’s Flashtrab-SEC-Hybrid lightning arresters are described as the world’s first pluggable type 1 lightning arresters with integrated arrester backup fuse without line follow current.

The products are based on the Safe Energy Control Technology (SEC) from Phoenix Contact, which enables even high discharge currents to be kept safely under control. With the new push-pull locking mechanism, the protective device plugs are easy to remove and latch after being inserted in the base element and are very resistant to vibrations. The integrated backup fuse allows the lightning arrester to be installed easily and flexibly.

In comparison with installations with separate backup fuses, the new devices save up to 60 per cent space, reduce wiring costs and effort, and allow customers to freely choose the installation location. The type 1 lightning arrester is suitable for use in 230/400V power supply systems without a back-up fuse.

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