SKF hub bearing unit cuts friction in cars and vans

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SKF hub bearing unit cuts friction in cars and vansSKF is launching the latest version of its third-generation hub bearing unit (HBU3), which features reduced preload range. This reduces friction by up to 10 per cent, helping to minimise CO2 emissions and making the new unit well suited for use in cars and vans.

SKF has achieved the reduction in preload range by revising the design of internal components and enhancing still further the manufacturing and assembly process.

By reducing the preload range, SKF has cut friction by up to 10 per cent, which potentially reduces CO2 emissions and delivers better fuel efficiency. The new robust design and manufacturing technique has also further improved the reliability and quality of the existing hub bearing unit.

Massimiliano Leone, Customer Project Manager – Automotive Market at SKF, says: “SKF’s existing third-generation hub bearing unit has proven to be of an exceptionally high standard of quality and reliability. The new upgraded version raises the bar even higher, delivering greater benefits than alternative market offers. The third-generation hub bearing unit has been developed working with leading automotive OEMs. As a result, we have produced a unit that is easy to install and replace, that offers class-leading standards of reliability, and with the latest enhancements, now gives both OEMs and their customers the opportunity to improve vehicle performance even further.”

The introduction of the new hub bearing unit follows SKF’s recent launch of a low-friction grease and high-performance seal, which are already consolidated technology on the third-generation hub bearing unit. Go to to learn more about the HBU3.

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