New torque limiters suit high powers and speeds

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New torque limiters suit high powers and speedsThe DSM range of torque limiters designed and manufactured by Italian specialist ComInTec gives sensitive machine protection at high torques and high speeds. The modular design covers release torques from 200 to 9000Nm with the capacity to operate at high speeds up to 3000 r/min. On overload the DSM torque limiters give free release suiting installation between motor and gearbox on machinery such as extruders, mills, shredders and crushers.

DSM torque limiters are modular, using three to nine spring-loaded cartridges that press a steel ball into a hardened seat. Under normal conditions the connection is backlash-free. On overload the balls ride out of the seat, pushing back the springs to a detent position where there is no longer any drive torque between input and output. The overload results in axial movement which can be sensed with a proximity switch to trigger an alarm. Subsequent re-engagement is a manual process. The release torque can be pre-set and adjusted using calibration markings on the cartridges.

In the UK sales and technical support for the DSM torque limiters is available from Techdrives. They can be mounting with a chain or belt connection suiting offset drives, or supplied with a flexible coupling for in-line mounting. DSM torque limiters suit shafts up to 140mm diameter and are maintenance free.

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27 October 2015

Lenze Selection (a division of Lenze Ltd)visit website
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