Compact UPS with integrated power storage

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Compact UPS with integrated power storageIn keeping with the Uno Power power supply range, the UnoUPS uninterruptible power supply is now available with a 60W output power and integrated power storage in a compact housing.

The UPS operates flexibly at input voltages of 23 to 30V DC. The integrated lead AGM power storage ensures long buffer times of 45 minutes at 0.5A, for example. When combined with a Uno Power power supply from the 100W performance class, the overall dimensions are just 160 × 90 × 90mm. This means that this space-saving UPS is also suitable for small control and distribution boxes.

A high MTBF (mean time between failure) value of over 1.9 million hours and the large temperature range of -15 to +50degC are superb features for a device of this performance class. The device also has LED status indicators for signalling and function monitoring, as well as active 24V DC switch outputs for forwarding to a higher-level control system.

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