SafetyBridge system - machine safety without a safety PLC

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SafetyBridge system - machine safety without a safety PLCPhoenix Contact is promoting its SafetyBridge technology that enables machine builders and system integratrors to incorporate safety easily by means of intelligent, safe I/O modules. With SafetyBridge the safety functions are processed directly in the I/O modules, thereby eliminating the need for the safety controller and a safe fieldbus system.

Each logic module can communicate with up to 16 remote safe I/O modules. Together with input modules featuring 16 safe inputs each, a SafetyBridge island can encompass up to 256 safe inputs. Up to 31 such islands can be operated from a standard control unit. These systems are able to exchange safety signals with each other. SafetyBridge technology is therefore suitable for installation in large-scale and modular machines and systems.

According to Phoenix Contact, the modules and safety logic are very easy to set up using the Safeconf software, which is free to download from the Phoenix Contact website.

There are 14 different safe function modules in total, ranging from a simple Emergency Stop through to various muting blocks. The safety system is independent from the network and the control units, which makes it highly versatile when it comes to integrating functional safety into machines and systems. The safe modules, mixed with non-safety Inline I/Os, can be distributed across the network below a range of different standard control units.

SafetyBridge can be used with any standard 'non-safe' PLC, giving users distributed local safety I/O where required. Safety signals are transmitted via standard network cabling such as Profinet, Ethernet IP or Modbus. Because a fail-safe PLC is not required, and no special safety cabling necessary, SafetyBridge is cost-effective for distributed safe I/O.

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