ADDA 12V fan for medical and office equipment

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The ADDA AD6012 is a 12V DC brushless, axial equipment fan from Aerco that is suitable for medical and office equipment and other applications that require high-performance, low-noise cooling.

Available exclusively in the UK from Aerco, the AD6012 is built in a 60×60×25mm frame size and is supplied in a number of versions with speeds ranging from 2000 to 6600rev/min and airflow from 4.69litre/sec (9.98CFM) to 16.31litre/sec (34.7CFM).

This powerful, reliable and long-life fan has an all-plastic frame and impeller, an operating noise level as low as 12.4dB/A and is available with a choice of sleeve, hypro or precision ball-bearing system.

The fan can be supplied with a third wire to monitor fan speed and fan failure in intelligent cooling systems and is suitable for applications such as medial X-ray systems, photocopiers, general office equipment, coffee machines and food packaging equipment.

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