Optical sensors are tolerant of target materials and finishes

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Optical sensors are tolerant of target materials and finishesLeuze electronic is introducing the 10 series optical distance sensors, which are available as measuring sensors (ODS 10) and switching sensors (HT 10). In both variants, time-of-flight (ToF) technology is used, so Leuze says the sensors benefit from a high tolerance to colour, surface structure and brightness of the reflective material. Whatever the material, and whether the surface is matt, deep black or glossy, the new ODS 10 and HT 10 achieve a consistent switching point. They also function reliably even with changing environmental conditions or materials, as well as with various detection angles to objects that are not aligned exactly orthogonal or that are being rapidly transported. As a result, detection errors are avoided and the need for complicated readjustment is eliminated.

The working range of these distance sensors spans from 50mm to 8m; when used against a reflective tape, it is even possible to achieve scanning ranges of up to 25m. The accuracy with which the ODS 10 and HT 10 detect objects with a diffuse reflectance of 6 to 90 per cent lies at a consistency of up to 4mm. Aside from the remarkable performance, which is achieved with a class 1 laser (red light), the 10 series sensors also benefit from a compact and well-thought-out design. The sen-sors have a robust plastic housing with glass window and can be used in operating temperatures from -40 to +50degC. The compact design allows for space-saving mounting in tight spaces. For this purpose, the recesses for M4 screws or nuts that are integrated in the housing help not only to save space but also to simplify mount-ing.

Large operating and teach buttons, as well as the OLED display with the ODS 10, facilitate step-by-step commissioning and diagnosis of the sensors at the press of a button. The highly visible displays on the top and front make it easy to check the status, even from a distance or in restricted installation situations. For the electrical connection, users can choose between a connector, a rotating M12 plug or a pigtail.

The modular concept continues in the configuration of the switching outputs as well. Depending on requirements, the switching HT 10 is available with up to three switch-ing outputs. For the measuring ODS 10, up to two switching outputs can be selected in addition to the analog interface. Furthermore, both device models offer an IO-Link interface.

Prevent downtime

These distance sensors also feature a prefailure message' - constant monitoring of the received signal level means users can be alerted of an impending failure as a result of, for example, dirt build-up or misalignment. The corresponding message appears either on the display, in the form of flashing LEDs, or is output as a signal via IO-Link.

Leuze electronic says that the 10 series distance sensors, with their high object tolerance, are "ideal for applications in intralogistics and the packaging industry." Typical applications include compartment occupation checks or compartment fine positioning, as well as push-through or collision protection. With their compact and well-thought-out design and the minimal short range (<50mm), they are also suitable for use in a wide range of packaging machinery applications including filling and stack-height monitoring, and monitoring of dancer arms in foil packaging machines.

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