New compact high-end HMI acts as automation system gateway

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New compact high-end HMI acts as automation system gatewayMitsubishi Electric is adding a new model to its high-end range of HMIs (human machine interfaces) which can act as a gateway device to an entire automation system. The GT2705 completes the current GT27 series line-up offering a 5.7 inch TFT touch screen, gesture control and high-performance graphics processing in addition to its extensive connectivity capabilities.

Fast, convenient integration into control and automation networks is a standout feature of the GT2705, particularly with other Mitsubishi Electric equipment, where it can be used as a gateway to control and monitor other devices such as PLCs, servo drives, frequency inverters and robots.

On-screen touch interaction is also reliable, intuitive and fast, thanks to features such as multi-touch / gesture controls familiar to anyone used to using a modern smart phone. Programming the GT2705 is achieved using Mitsubishi Electric’s GT Works3, which adds to the speed of set-up by including built-in object libraries and a suite of pre-defined templates and screens for Mitsubishi Electric automation equipment which enable efficient and intuitive commissioning and updating.

Several de-bugging functions are also available as standard, adding operational functionality to the unit rather than relying on having to use an external PC to commission and fault find. Even whole user manuals can be stored on the HMI for direct access in the field. Not only does this add convenience, but it can also increase plant up-time by allowing for more efficient on-site support.

The new GT2705 has full data logging capabilities and a convenient back-up/restore function, which can add value and reduce automation project costs by making systems faster to commission and reducing possible production downtime. In addition, the GT2705 can communicate directly with SQL, Oracle and Access databases, rather than needing the support of a PC.

A range of connectivity options further enhance the usability of this HMI. As described above the GT2705 can interface directly to databases of an MES (manufacturing execution system) effectively acting as a communication hub within a factory wide automation system. Physically, the GT2705 can interface with control networks via Ethernet, RS-232, and RS-422/485 as standard and there are options for CC-Link, CC-Link IE and MELSECNET/H. There is also a SD card slot, USB host & device ports and a direct PLC bus connection.

The GT2705 packs in a lot of power and performance for a compact unit, the TFT LCD screen displays over 65k colours in high resolution and is backed up with an impressive 80MB of memory. To protect the programmes and data stored in-memory it has multiple layers of security available, including selective password protection and associated log files to track the actions of individual users. When mounted through a suitable bulkhead or cabinet door the front screen also achieves IP67 environmental protection making the units suitable for a wide range of operating environments.

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10 March 2016

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.visit website
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