Astute adds Amphenol-Tuchel to hi-rel connector portfolio

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Astute Electronics is adding Amphenol Tuchel to its franchise-supplied portfolio. Based in Heilbronn, Germany, Amphenol Tuchel offers a wide range of interconnect products and specialises in high-power contact technology such as RADSOK (Radial Socket).

RADSOK’s hyperbolic construction offer superior performance compared to standard pin and socket connectors. Advantages include contact coverage of up to 65 per cent, absorption of vibrations as well as stability and long-term stability of the contact elements. Current transfer of several hundred amperes in addition to a high number of mating cycles is not a problem.

Amphenol’s C146 Heavy|Mate – a modular connector line, consisting of hoods, housings, inserts and contacts – utilise Radsok contact technology to deliver a robust design suitable for harsh industrial environments. A wide range of inserts for signal and power transmission and a large variety in pole sizes from 3 up to 280 poles per connector are available.

Gary Evans, E-Mech Divisional Manager at Astute Electronics says: “The Amphenol-Tuchel range of high-reliability connectors will offer our industrial and defence customers a high performance, high power solution for power-hungry applications used in rugged environments.”

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