OLED full-colour microdisplay with excellent image quality

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Astute Electronics is launching the MicroOled MDP02 full-colour 1.56cm (0.61in) microdisplay. The 5.4 million dot OLED microdisplay was designed using MicroOled’s proprietary low-voltage technology and is for applications where superior performance is required. The pixel design comprises four sub-pixels and a large pixel aperture with no black matrix to provide ultra high contrast and excellent image quality and sharpness. The cutting-edge RGBW sub-pixel structure enables the reproduction of colours and shades in greater detail, from shadow to highlights.

Ian Fantham, Sales Director, Astute Electronics comments: “The MDP02 gives excellent image quality, high definition, high brightness, a wide field of view and optimised power consumption.”

Brightness is up to 400cd/m2. The additional white sub pixel makes the display brighter and more power efficient. There are no contrast or colour changes as the viewing angle changes, thus there is a consistent image even with wide field-of-view optics. Long-range uniformity is better than 96 per cent and pixel-to-pixel uniformity gives homogenous smooth images. The OLED technology also enables sharp images of fast moving objects due to response times of less than 1ms. The product integrates an individually calibrated look-up table ensuring uniform high image quality in terms of luminance, white point, gamma characteristics and colour reproduction.

Typical applications would be displaying information for head-mounted displays, thermal and digital night vision devices, and electronic viewfinders requiring excellent colour reproduction. They can be connected to a large range of image sensors such as micro-bolometers, low-light digital image sensors, CCD sensors and CMOS sensors.

Specifications include 1300 × 1044 resolution, 9.4 by 9.4um pixel size, 12.22 by 9.81m active area, 100,000:1 contrast, 25 to 60 frames per second, I2C interface, 250mW power consumption in video mode, and -20 to +50degC or -40 to +70degC operating temperature.

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