Pilz PSENmlock combines guard monitoring and locking in one unit

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Pilz PSENmlock combines guard monitoring and locking in one unitPilz is adding the PSENmlock to its range of safety switches. The PSENmlock offers safety gate monitoring (also known as interlocking) and safe guard locking for the protection of personnel and processes to levels up to PL e (of EN ISO 13849) in one device. It fully satisfies the requirements of the interlocking standard EN ISO 14119. The slimline yet robust design and the many different installation options make the PSENmlock both versatile and easy to install.

Pilz says its new PSENmlock is a reliable door guard switch both for small or large, light or heavy, swinging or sliding doors, gates, covers and flaps. Furthermore, the flexibly-mounted actuator ensures high tolerance compensation and unrestricted functionality, even with gates whose hinges or runners have worn. Thanks to a bi-stable solenoid, the currentless guard locking system reduces the energy consumption of the safety gate system. Diagnostic data is easily identifiable in many installation positions: LEDs on three sides of the housing support user-friendly diagnostics whatever the installation situation.

With a holding force of 7500N and an integrated latching force of 30N, the safety gate system prevents the guard from opening inadvertently. This makes the PSENmlock particularly suitable for machines with a hazardous overrun that makes guard locking up to PL d or PL e essential, such as rotating knives, flywheels or robots. In addition, an integrated mechanical restart interlock prevents the guard locking system from being activated inadvertently, without the need for separate accessories. Not only does the restart interlock make operating the machine safer, it also prevents an inadvertent restart during maintenance operations.

Tongue break detection

The integration of RFID into the tongue actuator means that, in the unlikely event that it breaks off in the switch, such a failure is detected and a safe state is preserved. The outputs of the switch are cross-monitored semiconductor types with short-circuit detection built in.

Three levels of coding are available, and a high level of protection against manipulation is assured. Mounting plates and brackets are available for 40mm profile structural systems. Follow the link for more information and to watch a short video about the PSENmlock.

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