Copper-free, seamless flux-cored wires for offshore welding

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ESAB Welding & Cutting Products is introducing PrimeWeld, a new series of copper-free, seamless flux-cored welding wires specifically designed to meet the needs of the offshore construction industry. Produced using a seamless manufacturing process, PrimeWeld offers a very low diffusible hydrogen level which minimises the risk of hydrogen-induced cold cracking (HICC) when welding thicker components, especially critical in offshore applications. The seamless wire design also prevents moisture absorption, improving product shelf life and minimising any special storage and handling requirements.

Hydrogen cracking in the welds of offshore components is a severe defect. PrimeWeld’s innovative design keeps hydrogen content to less than 3ml/100g over a wide operating envelope. Hydrogen remains low even after the wire is exposed to the environment. PrimeWeld delivers low hydrogen performance for the life of the spool. Because PrimeWeld is non-hygroscopic, no special storage or repackaging is needed, allowing users to confidently weld large components over several days.

PrimeWeld also exhibits exceptional tolerance to the formation of “worm tracks” and porosity, which can be caused by moisture pick up. This is especially important when welding over primed steel components commonly used in offshore applications.

With PrimeWeld, ESAB combines a leading-edge powder formulation and advanced production process technology to eliminate the need for copper plating of the wire. As a result, arc stability, feeding properties, rusting tolerance and contact tip wear erosion provided by this premium wire are best in class. Only Prime Weld offers high tolerance to rust formation even in aggressive atmospheric environments. Its design eliminates wire feeding difficulties caused by copper flaking.

In addition, this all-positional cored wire offers an improved diameter tolerance and a stiffer wire construction compared to seamed wires, assuring excellent feeding properties with a high degree of stability even under severe welding conditions.

PrimeWeld is very “welder friendly”, delivering a soft, spatter-free arc. ESAB’s newest wire makes it easy to obtain flat welds with a good penetration and smooth wetting into the plate edges. The wire formulation provides a fast freezing slag that supports the weld pool in positional welding, enabling high deposition rates not achievable using stick electrodes or solid wires. In vertical up welding applications, Prime Weld provides deposition rates of up to 4kg/h (100 per cent duty cycle), making it the most productive consumable available for manual welding in this position.

PrimeWeld 81-Ni1 and 81-K2 are optimised for use with CO2 shielding gas. PrimeWeld 81-Ni1M is used with mixed Ar/CO2 shielding gas. For more information about PrimeWeld, visit

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