New managed and unmanaged Ethernet extender system

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New managed and unmanaged Ethernet extender systemPhoenix Contact's Ethernet extender system enables managed and unmanaged extenders to be connected over distances of up to 20km using plug-and-play technology for the first time. This integration enables diagnosis of all subscribers and lines via IP as well as cost-effective connection of extensive IP networks.

Unmanaged Ethernet extenders are already being used to make IP communication possible in extensive Ethernet networks. Networks are connected using existing twisted-pair cables. Automatic topology and bit rate detection saves time and money on commissioning. Another significant advantage of the system is that it can be expanded during operation and supports more than just point-to-point and linear topologies. A redundant ring function ensures uninterrupted IP communication, especially in extensive applications that require high system availability.

The managed Ethernet extender can also be used to diagnose the unmanaged Ethernet extender centrally via IP. This means that the system not only responds to changing conditions, it also issues warnings about unexpected events such as line weakening. Status, warning and error messages can be automatically forwarded to the control centre via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). Additionally, the built-in intelligent Plugtrab PT-IQ surge voltage protection system from Phoenix Contact monitors functions preventively to ensure high system availability. Simple and stable IP networking using Ethernet extenders is now said to be more economical than ever thanks to this innovative combination of managed and unmanaged Ethernet extenders in one network.

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