High-efficiency AC-DC power modules have ratings up to 1000W

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TDK Corporation is introducing the PFE1000FA series of power modules, representing a significant upgrade to the PFE1000F launched 8 years ago. The new series offers efficiencies as high as 90 per cent, an improvement of up to 4 per cent. Rated between 720W and 1000W, the products are designed for use with a cold-plate where cooling fans are not permitted, including industrial, MIL-COTS and communications applications.

The PFE1000FA is available with nominal output voltages of 12V, 28V and 48V that can be adjusted over a +/-20 per cent range for non-standard voltage requirements. The series accepts a wide range 85 to 265V AC input and can operate at full load with baseplate temperatures of between -40 and +100degC.

Having the same pinout and package dimensions as the original series, 100 × 13.4 × 160mm, the new series can easily be used to upgrade existing designs, offering up to 30 per cent lower losses and reduced operating temperatures. Input current wave-shapes have been improved to be more sinusoidal, allowing the PFE1000FA to meet the harmonics standard IEC 61000-3-2 with even greater margins.

All models feature remote on/off, an opto-isolated module good signal, single wire current sharing and a 12V 20mA standby voltage as standard. The PFE1000FA modules are safety certified to IEC/EN/US 60950-1, with CE marking for the Low Voltage and RoHS2 Directives. The series now carries an extended warranty of 5 years.

For more information about the full range of TDK-Lambda PFE1000FA series of AC-DC power modules, please visit the TDK-Lambda website.

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