SKF introduces Light ElectroMechanical Cylinder range

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SKF introduces Light ElectroMechanical Cylinder rangeSKF is bringing electromechanical performance to new industries and users thanks to its Light ElectroMechanical Cylinder (LEMC) range of modular industrial actuators.

Electromechanical actuators are increasingly favoured in demanding industrial automation applications thanks to their combination of high load capacity, superior dynamic performance and ease of integration and control. Compared with hydraulic equipment, electromechanical systems also offer a long service life, reduced maintenance requirements and significant energy savings.

With its new LEMC range, SKF brings all those benefits to a range of 100 per cent duty applications where electromechanical actuation might previously have been considered too costly or complex. LEMC units are built around SKF’s robust, proven roller screw technology. Compared with conventional ball screw designs, this offers greater load carrying capacity, better dynamic performance and a more compact actuator. Operating life is more than 10 million cycles in typical applications.

The new cylinders are based on a modular design, which increases the options available to the user while reducing both cost and manufacturing lead time. LEMC units are available in two sizes – 21mm diameter screw for axial loads of up to 40kN, and 30mm diameter screw of axial loads of up to 80kN – with stroke lengths of 100mm to 600mm (21mm screw) or 800mm (30mm screw). Depending on the chosen configuration, they can operate at linear speeds of up to 1000mm/s and accelerations of up to 12m/s2.

Modular options available to customers include the incorporation of an anti-rotation device, different attachment configurations, gearbox ratios, and multiple limit switch combinations. LEMC units can be equipped with a range of servomotors selected by SKF to suit different load characteristics, or with suitable mounting features to allow customers to incorporate motors from their own preferred supplier. Alternatively, they can be supplied with a smart asynchronous motor and integrated control box. By eliminating the requirement for an external motor controller, this option simplifies wiring and system configuration, and even allows the LEMC to be used as a standalone system on simpler machines, programmable via an NFC-capable smartphone.

Typical uses for the LEMC range include applications where larger pneumatic or smaller hydraulic cylinders are commonly found, including automated welding equipment, press tools, adjustable fixtures, pumps for high viscosity fluids and a wide range of manufacturing machinery.

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