Waterproof connectors with proprietary epoxy sealing process

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Astute Electronics is introducing the E-Seal range of waterproof connectors from Canadian company EDAC. They use a proprietary epoxy sealing process that seals the entire back of the connector rather than individual pins. Gary Evans, E-Mech Divisional Manager at Astute Electronic says: “This approach delivers complete sealing with an impeccably smooth finish, guaranteeing no water ingress as they are fully tested to IP67 standards. Seal up your design with E-Seal for the best waterproofing.”

The range includes D-sub connectors from DB 9 right through to a maximum of 78 positions. Standard and high density footprints are available in vertical or right angle orientations. Plating options vary from gold flash to 30 micro-inches of gold and include a wide variety of mounting options.

The combo power D-subs can carry up to 20A on the power pins. USB types A and B wire-to-wire devices use quarter turn twist-and-lock over-mould and O-ring to give the perfect seal every time.

USB Micro B units save valuable board space and provide increased cable retention. Fully epoxy sealing at the rear with a custom O-ring reliably seals the shell to the panel.

IP67 waterproof HDMI cable connectors also feature the quarter turn twist-and-lock over-mould and O-ring for a rugged waterproof connection in all outdoor video applications.

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