Reading 1D, stacked and 2D codes is quicker and easier

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Reading 1D, stacked and 2D codes is quicker and easierLeuze electronic is launching the DCR 200i code reader for fast decoding of 1D, stacked and 2D codes. This device has been developed for use in packaging systems, automation, robotics and production (ARP). Easy installation and set up ensures significant time savings during commissioning and when changing units. Furthermore, the DCR 200i offers a high reading performance.

To ensure flexible product control and complete product traceability, predominantly image-based identification systems are today used for reading codes on packaging in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, as well as on production lines in the ARP industry. Here, fast reading performance, functional reliability and availability, as well as easy operation and maintenance, are particularly relevant for machine builders, system integrators and end users.

Leuze's new DCR 200i is a camera-based code reader that is specifically tailored to this task. It reliably detects and identifies bar codes, stacked codes and 2D (eg Data Matrix) codes and checks them for readability, completeness and plausibility, thereby ensuring the traceability of foodstuffs, beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, as well as other non-food articles. Owing to its compact design, its fastening concept and its easy handling, the DCR 200i can be integrated simply and quickly in a wide range of different applications. This applies to its mechanical installation as well as its commissioning and configuration.

DCR 200i series code readers are operated and configured using the graphical user interface in the integrated Leuze electronic webConfig tool via an Ethernet interface. The integrated web server renders an external program unnecessary. A special feature is the configuration wizard that enables users to set up the DCR200i in just three minutes. For the majority of applications, however, the teach function using the two buttons on the control panel of the DCR 200i, in combination with a smartphone app developed by Leuze electronic, is sufficient for configuration. With this so-called 'easyhandling' concept, Leuze electronic ('the sensor people') have made operation of the code reader considerably easier and therefore significantly faster.

Leuze's DCR 200i code readers also demonstrate a particularly high reading performance with speeds of up to 6m/s. The fast imager and the powerful integrated LED illumination, as well as the high resolution in combination with a very high depth of field, ensure reliable decoding even in the case of fast processes and high object speeds. This makes code reading, particularly with high-speed packaging, more reliable and often enables applications to be accelerated.

Modular adaptability of reading tasks

To allow for adaptation to a multitude of different reading tasks, the DCR 200i code readers offer extensive device configuration options via the control buttons, configuration codes or software. In addition, LEDs on the device provide information on the reading quality of the taught codes. Optimum adaptation to applications, however, starts with the modular structure of the DCR 200i code readers and ensures that even the most difficult of codes can be read. The selectable optics variants - High Density (N optics), Medium Density (M optics) and Low Density (F optics) - cover reading distances of approximately 40-360mm. The housing hood can easily be replaced for specific requirements; for example, if a plastic protective screen is needed in the food industry instead of the usual glass screen, or if specific operational conditions require a polarisation filter. Diffusor foils for the screen on the housing hood are also available for reducing interfering reflections.

DCR 200i series code readers are operated as standalone devices with an individual IP address in an Ethernet star topology. In addition to the integrated RS 232, RS 422 and Ethernet process interfaces together with XML communication, an MA 2xxi modular connection unit from the Leuze electronic accessory range is also available to enable connection to other fieldbus systems such as Profibus, Profinet or EtherCAT. Four freely programmable switching inputs/outputs are available for providing status signals.

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