Configurable power supply for highest system availability

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Configurable power supply for highest system availabilityWith Quint Power, Phoenix Contact is offering the first customisable power supply in the world that can be delivered preset on request. Reporting thresholds and characteristic curves are individually adapted via the NFC interface.

Integrated Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB) technology delivers six times the rated current for up to 15 milliseconds to selectively trigger standard circuit breakers. Consumers connected in parallel continue to work. The static boost with up to 125 per cent of the rated current is available at all times, allowing the system to be conveniently expanded. For starting heavy loads, the dynamic boost with up to 200 per cent of the rated current for up to five seconds is also available.

The advanced preventive function monitoring system provides an early warning of system-specific critical operating states, even before an error occurs. With their integrated gas-filled surge arresters, the single and three-phase 24V power supply units offer high interference immunity and a mains failure bridging time of over 20 milliseconds.

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