Telescopic actuator extends more than twice its own length

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Telescopic actuator extends more than twice its own lengthSchaeffler is promoting its MTKUSE..-ZS telescopic actuator with toothed rack drive that offers a stroke length more than twice the actuator's own length, a maximum velocity of 2m/s, maximum acceleration of 10m/s2 and positional accuracy of +/-0.5mm. The design features a precision chain-driven carriage, an intermediate support rail and a base support rail, with preloaded six-row linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies providing smooth, low-friction and accurate motion.

Primary drive is provided by a rack and pinion, together with a right-angled planetary gearbox with a 10:1 or 20:1 ratio, to which customers can connect their own choice of motor - typically a servo motor. In addition to standard telescopic actuators, Schaeffler can also manufacture custom designs with, for example, load capacity and gearbox ratio specified by the customer, as well as integrated end position switches and distance measuring systems.

The upper support rail is mounted above the intermediate support rail, and the carriage runs on bearings above the upper support rail. With a maximum length for the base support rail of 1000mm, the maximum effective stroke for the carriage is 2500mm.

T-slots in the carriage and base rail make it easy to incorporate the telescopic actuator within a machine. As the carriage, intermediate support rail and base rail are all manufactured from anodised aluminium, weight is kept at a minimum.

Applications for the telescopic actuator include the vertical axis in pick-and-place machines, and horizontal applications where there is a need to reach into otherwise inaccessible areas.

Follow the link for more information about the MTKUSE..-ZS telescopic actuator with toothed rack drive or contact Schaeffler to discuss applications.

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