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ESAB Welding & Cutting Products is launching the Warrior YardFeed 200 portable wire feeder that provides remote control of the voltage and wire feed speed at the feeder, including the ability to pre-set wire feed speed. The Warrior YardFeed 200 joins the MobileFeed 301AVS and MobileFeed 201AVS, both launched in 2015, to provide a complete line of portable wire feeders compatible with ESAB's Warrior 400i, CC/CV and Warrior 500i CC/CV power sources. All feeders are said to deliver premium feeding performance, especially with the cored wires common in construction, field repair, railcar, and ship and barge building.

The Warrior YardFeed 200 holds a 200mm diameter spool of wire and can run wire diameters from 0.6 mm solid wire to 1.6mm flux-cored wire. Maximum permissible load is 365A at a 60 per cent duty cycle. The unit measures just 595x215x325mm and weighs 11.8kg, so it easily fits through manholes, portals and other hard-to-reach areas. A high-strength steel casing and steel frame protect the controls and connectors, while a built-in flowmeter enables fine-tuning of the gas flow at the feeder to ensure proper shielding gas delivery.

Hans Ă–rtengren, the Global Product Manager at ESAB, comments: "The Warrior YardFeed enables easy handling in cramped spaces, such as those found in the ship/barge, off-shore and construction industries. Additionally, the ability to adjust voltage and wire feed speed remotely can increase productivity when operators need to change welding parameters, such as using hotter settings for welding in the flat position and cooler settings for welding vertical up."


The MobileFeed 201AVS and MobileFeed 301AVS wire feeders are voltage-sensing feeders powered off the welding arc, and they work with any CV or CC welding power supply. The MobileFeed 301AVS delivers 320A at a 60 per cent duty cycle, handles wire spools up to 300mm and can feed 0.8-2.0mm diameter wires. It has an empty weight of 15kg and measures 534x210x432mm. The MobileFeed 301 AVS features a super impact-resistant, flame-retardant case that protects against dirt, metal grit and moisture, as well as extreme abuse from grinding sparks, corrosive chemicals and drops.

For similar benefits in a smaller and lighter package designed to handle wire spools up to 200mm, ESAB offers the MobileFeed 201AVS. It weighs 13kg empty, measures 470x369x187mm, is compatible with wires from 0.6-1.6mm and delivers 320A at a 60 per cent duty cycle.

Ă–rtengren continues: "Because they eliminate the need for a control cable, the MobileFeed 201AVS and 301AVS are for fabricators who value simplicity and performance. When paired with a CV power source, these feeders produce quality GMAW short-circuit transfer welds with smaller diameter solid wires, which make them convenient for smaller-side projects."

Both feeders have sun-friendly displays for voltage and wire feed speed that are easy to read outdoors. Both units also feature a drive roll design that combines two lower gear-driven rollers with two upper idler/smooth pressure rollers. This design produces considerably less scrubbing of the wire, reducing debris generation by 8 to 12 times than that typically created from a four-roll drive system. Reduced debris extends liner life by 30 to 60 per cent. In addition, an upper idler system does not mark the wire like a four-roll drive system, resulting in a contact tip life four to six times longer with cored wires.

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