Electronic safety system for machine guarding applications

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Electronic safety system for machine guarding applicationsMechan Controls is promoting its F-Series electronic safety system that is capable of providing CAT4 / SIL3 / PLe protection for virtually all machine guarding applications.

The F-Series safety control unit mounts on DIN rail and monitors up to 30 Mechan safety switches and/or emergency stop switches in one system. This control module supports multiple supply voltages (24V DC/AC, 110V AC and 230V AC), making it suitable for most installations. With two normally-open forced guided safety outputs, internal and external relay monitoring circuit, LED system indication and dynamic signal output, the F-Series provides long-term reliability at cost-effective prices.

Expansion options

An F-Series system can easily be expanded using 17.5mm wide DIN rail-mounted extender modules. Each module has LED and volt-free contact status indication and can be connected via a built-in six-way strap. The products daisy-chain together.

Mechan Controls offers multiple extender modules to help create a complete system to suit the application requirements:

  • FX1 Extender Module: Adds one gate extension to the control module.
  • FX2 Extender Module: Adds two gate extension to the control module.
  • F2HO Extender Module: Adds the option of using a two-button control station to override one Mechan safety switch. Once installed, both buttons need to be pressed to override the connected Mechan switch.
  • FLI Extender Module: The FLI extender module provides the option of using a limited inch button control to override one Mechan safety switch. When fitted correctly, the button can override the Mechan switch for up to the maximum time allowed.
  • ESM Extender Module: The ESM module gives the option to add emergency stop button control to the F-Series safety system. The ESM accepts two closed-contact inputs.

F-Series safety switches come in various shapes and sizes to cater for different industries. See for the full list.

Mechan Controls also offers a selection of uniquely coded safety switches (coloured orange) that provide EN 14119 Type 4, high code safety.

Mimic panels

Mechan Controls can additionally provide custom-designed mimic panels that can monitor emergency stop and safety switches. This can vastly improve fault-finding and improve the safety of both the machine and the staff operating it.

For more information about the F-Series electronic safety system or to request a quote, contact Mechan Controls on +44 (0)1695 722 264 or email . Alternatively, Mechan can arrange a site visit to discuss your requirements and answer any questions.

However, if the F-Series system is not right for your application, visit the Mechan Controls website to see the company's full selection of magnetic, coded magnetic and electronically operated safety switches.

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