Next-generation plasma power sources for high-precision cutting

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Next-generation plasma power sources for high-precision cuttingESAB is launching the iSeries of power sources for automated plasma cutting as part of its integrated system of components that deliver higher productivity and lower cutting costs. Dirk Ott, Vie President of Global Plasma Automation at ESAB, states: "The iSeries is the most advanced power supply available today. This next-generation series not only provides exceptional cost-performance benefits, but also allows you to upgrade the unit as you grow."

Thanks to HeavyCut technology that improves cut quality and precision performance, the iSeries enables parts to go directly from the cutting table to welding, painting or assembly without expensive secondary operations. It also provides piercing capacity up to 50mm at 400A on all materials including stainless steel and aluminium. The iSeries delivers ISO Class 3 or better cuts on any material from gauge to 50mm thick, noticeably reducing bevel and the need for post-cut finishing.

Faster cutting, lower cost

The Water Mist Secondary (WMS) process, which incorporates nitrogen as the plasma gas and ordinary tap water for shielding, produces superior cut quality and a lower cost-per-cut on non-ferrous materials. On stainless steel, the WMS process cuts up to 300 percent faster and lowers cost-per-cut by 20 percent or more compared to systems that use Argon-Hydrogen for the plasma gas.

The iSeries also lowers the cost-per-cut by using XTremeLife wear parts for cutting at 300A and 400A. These consumables use a multiple hafnium insert as opposed to a single insert and feature a two-piece tip that runs cooler. Better cooling extends parts life and cut accuracy across the life of the tip, especially when piercing at higher amperages. These combined features can lower operating cost by up to 30 percent on mild steel, which. in turn, reduces cut cost per metre.

Future-proof with simple upgrade path

The iSeries is available in 100A to 400A configurations for cutting plate up to 50mm thick. All models feature a common cabinet and components as well as StepUp modular technology, allowing users to increase the output from 100A all the way up to 400A by adding inverter blocks. Its modular design minimises parts inventory and repair time. An LED error display indicates machine status to accelerate troubleshooting and, should an inverter block malfunction, cutting can continue with the remaining blocks.

Ott concludes: "The iSeries automated plasma cutters work the way our customers work — intelligently. The ability to add inverter blocks means fabricators never have to worry about purchasing a system that does not have enough capacity to meet future needs."

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