Robust headers with solder anchor

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Robust headers with solder anchorPhoenix Contact is bringing new headers for PCB connectors from the PC 5 series onto the market. The headers with a pitch of 7.62mm have side flanges with solder anchors on the underside. The solder anchors provide additional stability on the PCB. These headers are therefore also suitable for applications with increased mechanical strain.

The contours of the side solder flanges also prevent the connector from being inserted into the header with the wrong polarity. Assembly errors are therefore reliably prevented, even if the parts are difficult to access. The new headers are designed for currents up to 41A and voltages up to 630V (UL: 300V). The two- to six-pos. versions are suitable for all connectors from the PC 5 series with or without Click and Lock locking. Connector parts with screw or spring connection are available for safe and convenient conductor connection.

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