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Global producers that expect a modern batch experience can now improve employee collaboration and system interactions that have traditionally been difficult to achieve. The new FactoryTalk Batch View software from Rockwell Automation addresses this demand, offering an intuitive and scalable, browser-based interface that adapts across smartphones, such as iOS and Android, to tablets and PCs. Users can access real-time information and interact with their process from the plant floor to the production office through a consistent user interface.

Dan UpDyke, product manager, Rockwell Automation, says: “In today’s environment, most production facilities have a lean workforce. The new software frees your staff from their desktop or fixed workstation enabling them to visualise and respond to their process from anywhere on their production network.”

This is a significant change from the conventional, costly and time-consuming approaches that enable desktop or mobile access to production data. User-specific configurations or remote desktop sessions managed by IT staff are no longer required, enabling plants to quickly on-board more users and deliver value that increases productivity.

Key capabilities include:

  • Simple architecture – A modern web interface offers easy adaptation to new or existing platforms and environments with backward compatibility to previous versions of FactoryTalk Batch software; single-server architecture allows for new features and functions to be added with minimal impact to operations.
  • Information-enabled and secure – Uses common system security policies for access control similar to any workstation, as a node on the plant network.
  • Versatile – Interfaces support multiple mobile devices and are easily integrated with HMI screens onto workstations. FactoryTalk Batch View software is well suited for large industrial facilities that have workstation infrastructure limitations and require multiple access points across the plant. With personalised user profiles that are tailored to the user, such as language-switching options, workers at different levels of the organisation can stay mobile yet connected to their process operations.

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