New AC power supply with integrated energy storage

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New AC power supply with integrated energy storagePhoenix Contact’s new uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) from the TRIO product range for the DIN rail reliably supply AC loads with up to 750VA/600W. The power supply is for 230V AC and 120V AC applications. Thanks to the integrated USB interface, high-level devices can be connected to it. In this way, any industrial PCs connected to the power supply can be shut down in a controlled way. The pure sine curve at the output enables a seamless transition, as the sine generated in battery operation runs in sync with the mains previously used for the supply.

Since a UPS module and energy storage are combined in one housing, the power supply is particularly space-saving. The integrated VRLA energy storage ensures long buffer times and can be extended with a further energy storage unit. Supplying loads from the energy storage is possible, even without mains input. The device also has LED status indicators for signalling and function monitoring, as well as active 24V DC switch outputs for forwarding to a higher-level control system.

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