Alpha Wire’s Xtra-Guard 5 cables now available at Aerco

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Alpha Wire’s Xtra-Guard 5 cables now available at AercoAlpha Wire’s Xtra-Guard 5 cable range is now available at Aerco. Alpha Wire Xtra-Guard 5 cables offer a market-leading specification, making them suitable for a wide variety of highly demanding applications, including Class 1 cleanroom environments, medical grade applications (when sterilised), chemical processing, food and beverage wash-down applications, and others. In addition, Supra-Shield options in the Alpha Wire Xtra-Guard 5 cable range provide exceptional protection against EMI.

Xtra-Guard 5 cables are part of Alpha Wire’s field-proven Xtra-Guard range of cables that combine longevity, high performance and reliability for the most challenging and extreme environments and applications. Xtra-Guard 5 cables offer a temperature range from -80degC to +200degC and are impervious to chemicals, oil, solvents, acids, fuels and water. In addition, these cables tend to be 20 per cent to 30 per cent smaller in diameter than conventional cables due to the excellent dielectric strength of FEP. They are suitable for use in Class 1 cleanrooms, found in semiconductor, biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device production as well as the critical processes involved in aerospace, military and the optics industry. When sterilised, Xtra-Guard 5 cables can be used in the manufacturing processes for food products, beverage wash-down and medical grade applications. They are also particularly suited to the production process involved in military electronics and mining instrumentation.

The Xtra-Guard 5 range includes 300V multi-conductor and multi-pair cables, both in unshielded, foil shielded and Supra-Shield Foil + Braid options. Alpha-Wire Xtra-Guard 5 cables have low-friction, FEP jackets for easy routing and Aramid fibre ripcords to enable easy jacket stripping. Available jacket colours include tan, beige, white, red, black, blue, green, yellow and orange for fast, easy identification, safety, and colour matching to systems. All jacket colours have outstanding ultraviolet light stability.

The range is UL and CSA listed, has excellent flame resistance and low smoke generation to NFPA 262-2007, and is available now from Aerco.

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