Provertha M12 X-Code Ethernet crimp cable connectors at Aerco

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Provertha M12 X-Code Ethernet crimp cable connectors at AercoThe new Provertha M12 X-Code 10 Gbit Ethernet Crimp connector is now available at Aerco. Designed to deliver fail-safe connection and secure data transmission of up to 10Gbits for Cat6a Ethernet in railway and other mass-transit applications, the M12-X Code Crimp Cable Connector achieves 360 degree EMI/RFI shielding in the smallest form factor on the market, making it well suited for restricted assembly conditions. In addition to extreme vibration resistance, the housing design is waterproof to IP-67 when screw locked.

The Provertha M-12 X-Code connector series is designed with a completely shielded full metal housing, reducing crosstalk and signal coupling. Turned and gold-plated crimp contacts maintain secure contact termination of Ethernet signal wires even under very harsh high vibration conditions, delivering robust and reliable high-speed data transmission rates to TIA-568 and ISO/IEC-11801 Cat6A specifications. Using the new X-coded Provertha connectors, complete high-speed data transmission systems delivering 10Gbits can be built in the popular M-12 format. When compared with D-coded M12 connectors, this is approximately 100 times faster. The design of Provertha M12 X-code connectors also features a special crimp sleeve/crimp flange system for reliable torsion proof strain relief. The connector cannot be disassembled (tampered with) once terminated.

Technical specifications for Provertha M-12 X-Code connectors include shock and vibration qualification to DIN EN 61373 Category 1, Class B. Available in AWG sizes 22-26, they are qualified for up to 250 mating cycles.

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