PoE is a powerful tool for industrial applications

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that allows devices to accept and transmit power through standard Ethernet cables. This allows the costs of investment and operation to be substantially reduced. Advantech’s Industrial Automation Group provides industrial-grade PoE switches which have been adopted around the world

PoE is a powerful tool for industrial applicationsThere are a couple of PoE application examples that can be highlighted. The first is for a WiMAX telecom company in Japan who selected Advantech’s PoE offering to be the switches for their WiMAX base stations. The second is video surveillance system for an intelligent community in Vancouver, BC Canada, who chose Advantech’s industrial-grade PoE switches to save implementation costs.

Japan's biggest WiMAX telecommunication company, Hitachi Kokusai Denki, provides WiMAX service in seven major cities, and plans to extend its network coverage to 90 per cent of the territory across Japan within the next few years. The most efficient way to establish transfer facilities for public wireless LAN is to establish them on rooftops of existing buildings. In the past this project would take a very long time and require a very large budget because it is difficult to build such an expansive network system with standard power lines. Furthermore, because this system will be installed outdoors, all products must be able to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Therefore, Hitachi Kokusai Denki chose Advantech’s new PoE switches as the solution for this project.

WiMAX base stations

Advantech’s EKI-2525P PoE switches feature a compact size and support 4 PoE ports at 15.4W of power per port. These switches enhance the convenience of network installation and decrease the costs of establishment. EKI-2525P also feature a compact metal housing with IP30 protect ion, 3000V DC surge (EFT) protection, 4000V DC ESD protection, and wide operating temperatures (-10 to 60degC). These characteristics make EKI-2525P an excellent product for wireless LAN installations.

Remote video surveillance

The video surveillance intercom system in Vancouver, Canada, uses Advantech’s industrial-grade PoE switches to connect the various intercom devices in their intelligent community. These switches connect to the local area network and link to the intelligent community management centre in order to build a reliable intercom communication system. As the community’s intercom system is installed outdoors, Advantech’s rugged EKI-2526PI PoE switches were the best choice.

Through Advantech’s EKI -2526PI PoE switches, a secure, intelligent community can be accomplished. The switches simplify network establishment and allow the integration of audio, video and network services without having to install additional power lines. Public services in the community can link up effectively; moreover, the individual houses and community management centres can connect very quickly.

A variety of applications

Industrial PoE switches are gaining rapid growth because of their ruggedness and the rising popularity of network applications. Advantech’s PoE products are not only IEEE802.3af compliant, but also meet the IEEE802.3at standard; providing up to 25W of power per port. Advantech’s PoE-enabled switches can be adopted in a variety of harsh environments and are a good choice for network deployment applications anywhere.

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