Selecting a laser welding system with confidence

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Purchasing a laser welding system for the first time may seem a daunting task to the uninitiated. How do you know that you are talking to the right companies? Do they have the best system for your application? Happily, the process of selection can be simplified and decisions made with confidence, by considering the points below

>How to select a laser welding system

  1. Ensure that the supplier is capable of offering a wide range of Laser Welding Systems, from entry level units through to highly sophisticated systems. You may need just a simple system today but you will want your supplier to be able to support you as your business or volumes grow
  2. Make sure that the supplier can demonstrate a proven track record within your industry and target application. There is no substitute for hard won expertise and application-specific designs!
  3. Can the supplier evaluate and demonstrate your application here in the UK? Having the opportunity to see your application tested will allow you to measure the performance and capabilities of both the laser and the supplier
  4. Are you dealing with the manufacturer or a distributor? Purchasing direct from the manufacturer means that there is no ‘middle man’ and therefore requests for information or support will be handled more quickly and you will always be speaking directly to the experts
  5. Does the supplier have a reputation for providing robust and reliable systems? Once in production you will want to have the confidence that the system can live up to the demands of a high duty cycle over an extended period
  6. Access to local service support is extremely important, not only for routine preventative maintenance, but especially in the event that a repair or replacement part is required. Prompt service support is an essential part of maintaining high up-time figures
  7. Does the supplier hold an extensive range of spare parts? You need both the service engineer and the parts to effect timely repairs
  8. Does the supplier have a UK training centre? To get the most out of your Laser Welding System you will need thorough training backed by easy-to-understand documentation
  9. Does the supplier have the capability to provide a complete ‘Turnkey’ solution? You may require more than just a standard laser for your application, but still want the benefits of dealing directly with the manufacturer
  10. Is the supplier financially robust? This is essential if the supplier is to remain at the forefront of the industry, through research and innovation. You will also want to be certain that the supplier will be there in years to come, to service your future needs

The points listed here may seem obvious; however, there are many instances in the past where purchasing decisions have been made without having conducted a detailed analysis of the potential suppliers, leading to disappointment and frustration.

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