Reliable data connections for Industrial Ethernet

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Data is everywhere and an integral part of today’s control and process industries. There is nothing new about the use of data in industrial applications, but increasing volumes and real-time demands present real challenges for system designs. Planning for future system requirements is therefore an important consideration. Building extra capacity into a system for future needs starts with the architecture and is reflected in the component parts.

Reliable data connections for Industrial EthernetDespite sharing the same protocol as office Ethernet, Industrial Ethernet must operate in very different and often harsh environments where temperature, electrical noise, vibration, and humidity threaten the reliability of the data communication. Reliability and security are therefore critical design considerations of any industrial system. Any interruption of data can cause considerable disruption and loss of productivity.

Compared with alternative industrial network protocols, Ethernet offers several key advantages including: increased speeds and distances, availability of standard network components, and peer-to-peer architecture for increase system availability.

Given the advantages of the Ethernet standard for industrial applications, speed and reliability of the network is dependent on the quality of the cabling infrastructure. Compared with the slower CAT5 standard, the CAT6 10 Gigabit Ethernet standard meets the increasing demands of industrial data networks. By implementing CAT6 Industrial Ethernet, a system design will provide future capacity to the growing demands of the network.

Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of shielded CAT5 & CAT6 cable assemblies and field assembled connectors to meet the demands of Industrial Ethernet. Options include:

  • Wide range of shielded CAT5 & CAT6 cable assemblies
  • Variable length cable assemblies are available to order with a choice of connectors and/or open ends
  • RJ45 & M12 connectors offering protection up to IP67
  • Fast connection technology for simplified field assembly without specialist tools
  • A choice of straight and angled cable entry variants
  • Plug-in connectors for panel feed-though or PCB mounting with straight or angled solder pins

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