Smart Process Gating: Leuze reinvents light curtain muting

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Smart Process Gating is the name of a new process from Leuze electronic through which muting processes are made more economical, simpler and safer.

Smart Process Gating: Leuze reinvents light curtain mutingIn application areas such as intralogistics, automotive manufacturing and packaging, safety sensors are often required to prevent access to hazardous areas, particularly where pallets of material or large objects (eg vehicle bodies) pass in or out of a process. Previously, muting processes with muting sensors were required in order to clearly identify when transported goods are approaching a protective field and to bridge the passing of these goods through the protective field at the correct moment.

As a result of the SPG (Smart Process Gating) method developed by Leuze electronic, signal-emitting sensors are no longer needed. Based on the MLC safety light curtains, SPG enables conveyor systems to be simplified and made more compact. The risk of misalignment or damage to the sensors is eliminated, as are the costs associated with their maintenance and servicing. Furthermore, the purchasing costs, wiring and risk of manipulation are reduced, which increases the availability of the complete safety device.

Particularly in the case of typical intralogistics applications, the height of the protective device is entirely dependent on the safety-related requirements. Synchronisation beams do not have to be taken into consideration. With SPG, the first muting signal comes from the process controller (PLC), while the second muting signal is generated by the protective field itself. Smart Process Gating requires a detailed knowledge of the process so that the necessary SPS control signals are made available in the expected time window.

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