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Posted to News on 29th Jan 2009, 10:36

Ruland Manufacturing Company is introducing new quick clamping shaft collars. The new collars do not mar the shaft, do not require tools and are designed for quick adjustments. They are suitable for light-duty applications with frequent setup changes or adjustments, or where the need for tools is not practical. The quick clamping collars are designed with a low-profile clamping lever which makes them suitable for rotating and stationary applications. Industries such as printing and packaging, as well as others, can benefit from the use of quick clamping collars to retain frequently changed items, such as rolls of media, or for rapid and precise adjustments of guide rails or other setup fixturing.

These new quick clamping design shaft collars have advantages over the traditional one or two-piece clamp collars with screws and set-screw type collars. The quick clamping collars do not mar the shaft. They do not require tools to install or remove them, and are especially designed for quick adjustments. They also work well with light-duty split-hub components such as gears and sprockets, and they can be machined to facilitate mounting of other components. The quick clamping collars are made from high-quality aluminium with an anodised finish which has the advantage of being lightweight and having low inertia. The quick clamping shaft collars are available with bore sizes from 5/16" to 1 1/2" in the inch series and 8mm to 35mm in the metric series.

As all Ruland shaft collars, the new quick clamping design collars are single point faced to ensure perpendicularity and proper alignment. A precise shaft collar face-to-bore relationship ensures that components are both properly positioned and not tilted on the shaft. Collar face perpendicularity also ensures even pressure on interfaced components.

Ruland shaft collars are also available in one and two-piece clamp-style designs and set-screw design. They are manufactured in a variety of materials including 316 stainless steel, 303 stainless steel, RoHS-compliant yellow zinc plating, high-strength aluminium with an anodised finish, black oxide carbon steel and engineered plastic.

Shaft collars are part of Ruland's complete product line which also includes rigid couplings with precision-honed bores and five types of zero-backlash motion control couplings: beam couplings, bellows couplings, oldham couplings, curved jaw couplings and miniature disc couplings.

Follow the link for more information about Quick clamping shaft collars from Ruland.

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