Fast and economical waterjet cutting at 6200 bar
Posted to News on 13th Sep 2016, 13:25

Fast and economical waterjet cutting at 6200 bar

At the EuroBLECH 2016 in Hanover (25-29 Oct), KMT Waterjet Systems is presenting its development in the field of high-pressure pumps for waterjet cutting. With the new STREAMLINE PRO-III model series, the company makes waterjet cutting in the ultra-high-pressure range of up to 6200 bar more efficient. KMT has achieved this by significant improvements in the pressure intensifier - especially the new SUPRAlife high-pressure seal, for which the manufacturer specifies a guaranteed service life of 500 hours. With the 93kW pump (125hp) from the PRO-III model series, KMT can now offer an efficient combination of motor power and water pressure, claiming the fastest cutting speeds in the industry.

Fast and economical waterjet cutting at 6200 bar

With the STREAMLINE PRO-III model series, KMT Waterjet Systems offers the latest generation of its successful PRO pump range for waterjet cutting at up to 6200bar. The new high-pressure pump allows significantly longer running times - thereby also extending the maintenance intervals, reducing operating costs and making waterjet cutting in the ultra high-pressure region more efficient.

The pump owes the improved running times in particular to the new SUPRAlife high-pressure seal: To extend the usage times and thus to increase the efficiency of the high-pressure pump, KMT has revised the design of the high-pressure seal. The result is a seal package that is no longer installed in the bore of the high-pressure cylinder as it was previously, but is integrated into a cartridge, which seals against a chamfer at the end of the cylinder. Thus, damage to the cylinder bore is avoided and the service life of the high-pressure seal and the cylinder body is increased. A constant pre-loading of the system is required to ensure the best functioning of this interaction of SUPRAlife seal and high-pressure cylinder. This is achieved by a hydraulic pre-loading device. To facilitate maintenance, a special set of tools is used, which guarantees the required pre-loading at every maintenance operation performed. When treated properly, KMT Waterjet Systems guarantees a minimum running time of 500 hours for the new SUPRAlife high-pressure seal.

In addition, KMT was able to use its more than 40 years of experience in the construction of pressure intensifiers to guarantee optimal use of materials and compliance with the highest precision and smallest tolerances. This results, inter alia, in an optimised geometry of the metal seal between the cylinder and the sealing head that can withstand the extreme water pressure of up to 6200 bar longer than conventional technologies, thus lengthening the overall service life of the pressure intensifier.

Simple retrofitting of older pump models

KMT offers an upgrade kit for all customers who already work in the ultra high-pressure area and operate a KMT high-pressure pump of the STREAMLINE PRO-I or PRO-2 model series. This means that existing customers can also benefit from the advantages of the PRO-III pressure intensifier. The upgrade kit includes the new pressure intensifier and corresponding installation material and is easy to install on all PRO series pumps.

Waterjet cutting at 6200 bar is efficient with the STREAMLINE PRO-III high-pressure pump: the longer running times of the high-pressure components have a positive effect on the machine running time and thus on the entire production process. In addition, the model STREAMLINE PRO-III 125 provides a combination of motor power and cutting pressure unrivalled in the industry. At 93kW / 125hp, two cutting nozzles with a diameter of 0.28mm or one nozzle of up to 0.38mm can be used at maximum pressure. The cutting speed can therefore be increased by up to 50 per cent compared with conventional 4100 bar applications - in some cases even more. The high cutting speed has the additional advantage that less abrasive is required for each cut workpiece - a major cost driver in waterjet cutting. This allows users to save twice over: firstly in the operating costs of the high-pressure pump and secondly in the consumption of abrasive.

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