Free motor evaluation service highlights untapped efficiency potential
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Posted to News on 6th May 2022, 13:32

Free motor evaluation service highlights untapped efficiency potential

Free motor evaluation service highlights untapped efficiency potential

ABB UK is rolling out a free ‘Energy Snapshot’ service to provide motor end users with a ready-made action plan for realising enhanced energy savings across the plant.

ABB’s Energy Snapshot service is available for users of electric motors at industrial facilities across the UK. The service provides operators of motors and motor-driven equipment across all industries with new insights into where the opportunities for energy efficiency improvement lie within their facility.

The service involves an engineer from ABB or an approved ABB Value Provider carrying out an in-person visit over the course of half a day. During the visit, the engineer will identify up to five motor-driven applications that offer the greatest opportunity to cut energy use in the shortest possible time. A comprehensive report is then produced setting out the recommended course of action, and containing all the information needed to build a compelling business case for investment in energy efficient motor and variable speed drive (VSD) technologies.

With electric motors accounting for an estimated 65 percent of all industrial energy use, and with energy prices increasing there is renewed pressure on industrial facilities to reduce their carbon footprint and improve sustainability. Using VSDs with motors can achieve energy savings of up to 60 percent, with little upfront investment required, resulting in payback times of a matter of months.

The inspection takes into account specific environmental considerations unique to a particular facility and its operations. The inspection also represents an opportunity to explore recent improvements in motor technology, such as ultra-premium efficiency IE5 SynRM and VSD packages.

Following the initial half-day inspection, a detailed report is then produced by ABB, which provides key stakeholders with the key information they need to inform purchasing decisions. The report is bespoke for every facility, incorporating actual plant values and data gathered during the inspection to recommend appropriate solutions, and provide compelling justification for them. This includes projected CAPEX and OPEX estimates, savings forecasts, payback points and energy/CO2 saved over time, illustrated using charts and graphs as well as raw figures.

The Energy Snapshot also provides detailed analysis of a plant’s existing installed base, providing additional insight into its condition, with recommendations on potential future upgrade pathways, as well as identifying applications that would not significantly benefit from an upgrade. By analysing existing plant assets, the Energy Snapshot report can be used to help control operational costs and prolong equipment lifetime. The report also provides specific equipment recommendations with detailed technical notes, including existing unused or underused drive functions, and any additional installation considerations (such as life cycle assessment services) relevant to applications analysed.

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