Harland Simon launches range of lead crystal batteries in the UK
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Posted to News on 28th Mar 2014, 09:48

Harland Simon launches range of lead crystal batteries in the UK

Harland Simon UPS is launching a range of what is claimed to be the world's cleanest, high-performance, industrial batteries into the UK, enabling businesses to reduce the environmental, safety and performance impacts of using traditional lead acid and lead gel batteries. The launch of the new lead crystal range of batteries - available in 2-12V versions - follows years of research and development to produce a cleaner, safer, better-performing range of industrial batteries for use across a wide range of applications.

Harland Simon launches range of lead crystal batteries in the UK

Not only do they perform better across a range of measures but, unlike traditional lead acid batteries that are potentially hazardous to handle and transport as a result of the acid contained within them, the new lead crystal batteries contain no toxic fluids, cadmium or antimony, are up to 99 per cent recyclable and are ISO 14001 certified.

Now available in the UK exclusively through Harland Simon, the new Betta Batteries can be used across a wide range of applications wherever traditional lead acid and lead gel batteries are currently used, including powering electric powered vehicles, within uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, for back-up and operating power systems within industrial settings, and within a range of renewable energy and telecommunications applications.

Phillip Dunn, Business Development Manager for Harland Simon UPS Ltd, says: "By the nature of their manufacture and what is contained within them, traditional lead acid and lead gel batteries are extremely harmful for the environment and come with a range of handling, storage, transport and recycling issues. They also perform poorly when compared to new lead crystal batteries.

"The development of our lead crystal technology means there is now an alternative battery solution which will not only enable a business to reduce the hazards associated with lead acid and lead gel but enjoy significantly increased performance benefits, much longer shelf life and better environmental credentials."

Performance advantages

In addition to coming with a three-year factory guarantee, the new lead crystal batteries charge twice as fast as conventional alternatives, can be 100 per cent discharged daily and fully recovered, have a service life of 18 years, can provide in excess of 6000 cycles (dependent on DoD) and can be stored for up to two years with no additional charging required.

They also have a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +65degC and are highly recyclable.

Phillip Dunn adds: "Very often taking the greener option, whilst good for the environment, can mean compromising on performance. The beauty of our new lead crystal batteries is that not only are you replacing a hazardous component with a much safer solution, but in terms of the performance benefits of lead crystal over lead acid or lead gel, traditional batteries simply cannot compete, whether they need to be used and recharged daily, are there to act as an essential back up should power go down or need to be stored ready for when they are needed.

"For any business using battery operated equipment, the launch of the new Lead Crystal technology is a major step forward - on every level and brings a range of very measurable benefits."

In addition to supplying the new batteries, Harland Simon is also incorporating the range into its own uninterrupted power supply systems, which it has designed and supplied to a wide range of industry sectors - from utilities, marine, defence,iIndustrial, manufacturing and public sector, through to the emerging renewable energy sector over the past 20 years.

For more information on the new lead crystal batteries and the company's existing range of products, go to www.leadcrystalbattery.co.uk.

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