Interface to the future
Posted to News on 22nd Feb 2024, 14:00

Interface to the future

A modern PLC with REST-API for a standard palletising system this is what the robot automation company Robot ART was looking for. And it found it in the form of ctrlX CORE from Bosch Rexroth.

Interface to the future

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The firm was won over by the openness and wide-ranging functions of the control platform and the common desire to produce more advanced robots.

Robot ART distributes Hyundai Robotics, Neura Robotics and Wepall smart palletising software on the Benelux market. The company also develops and produces a range of intelligent and intuitive entry-level solutions focusing on robot automation. Naturally, it also provides service and support for system integrators and end users too.

Walter Nieboer, robotics application engineer at Robot ART, explained: Robot ART is a relatively new company in the sector and doesnt yet have a closely-knit network of suppliers. We therefore used Google to look for a suitable partner.

Weve developed our own interface for our palletising system and were on the lookout for a control platform with a REST-API. When we heard about the automation toolkit ctrlX AUTOMATION, we were immediately curious.

The perfect solution

Werner Knapen and Michel van den Elzen from Bosch Rexroth visited the company in Nieuwkoop and demonstrated the control platform ctrlX CORE. Robot ART owner Willem van Dam explained: The system was the perfect solution. Not only does the solution meet all our requirements the PLC is also a decision for the future. The platform is characterised by openness and functionality. In the coming years, well put together the perfect system to meet our needs and expand it on a modular basis.

According to Werner Knapen, software plays an increasingly important role when developing and building machines. He said: Thats why we've developed an automation toolkit with hardware, software and services. It simplifies the world of automation and solves our customers challenges. ctrlX AUTOMATION removes previous boundaries. Our customers confirm this again and again.

At Robot ART, it quickly became apparent that the control system was the right choice. Walter Nieboer explained: We were immediately impressed first with the virtual version and then with the physical ctrlX CORE. Setting up the EtherCAT was childs play and we could communicate with our robot straight away. The control platform is extremely accessible and working with it is fun.

Modern automation for modern people

Because Robot ART is a company with many young employees, Willem van Dam believes it is important to work with applications that can easily be used by humans and enhance robots. Young employees want to work with modern methods and technologies, like a modern PLC. ctrlX AUTOMATION will help us to meet the ambitions and could even surpass them.

Apps from the ctrlX Store make it very easy to add new functions. Robot ART also intends to use ctrlX SAFETY to ensure the required machine safety and that is by no means the end of the story.

Given the wide range of possibilities offered by Bosch Rexroth, wed be negligent if we didnt look at ways of optimising our machines on the drive level using the product group ctrlX DRIVE, added Willem van Dam. Whatever we want to add in the future, everything is possible thanks to the experts forum that has been set up by Rexroth especially for this purpose.

Werner Knapen said: Of course, Im pleased that the users are so happy. They recognise the enormous possibilities that ctrlX AUTOMATION offers their company. Im proud of this collaboration which has come about in a relatively short time. It really enhances our network. After all, robots are the future. Im sure we can learn a lot from each other and develop together.

Willem van Dam added: We were in search of a platform that meets our needs. And we found what we were looking for. Thanks to ctrlX AUTOMATION, were ready for the next 25 years. Let the future begin.

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