Machine vision application development software upgrade: MIL10
Posted to News on 7th Nov 2012, 15:18

Machine vision application development software upgrade: MIL10

Matrox Imaging is announcing release 10 of their Matrox Imaging Library (MIL). This maintenance release updates platform support, improves the flexibility and performance of several existing tools, and introduces enhancements to simplify and accelerate application development.

Machine vision application development software upgrade: MIL10

MIL 10 provides support for Microsoft Windows 8 and the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Linux distribution. It includes improvements to the vector-based graphical image annotation capability, which lets programmers implement user interactivity - linked directly to MIL tools - into their applications more quickly. The release introduces the MIL Profiler utility to visualise the execution of multi-threaded MIL applications, thereby allowing more detailed application troubleshooting and optimisation. MIL 10 also offers more illustrative examples to reduce a developer's learning curve. These include using MIL for packaging inspection, heterogeneous multi-processing, and laser-based 3D scanning using third-party cameras.

MIL 10 features a modified calibration routine that enables object localisation in 3D using just four known points. A new calculator is included to assist with configuring laser-based 3D scanning setups. The projection-based measurement tool benefits from tunable edge detection for better robustness, while the bead inspection tool also tracks beads composed of a single edge or a double edge of varying width. The colour histogram matching tool provides an additional vote-based strategy to match individual pixels against the histogram of samples. The colour matching, bead inspection, and metrology tools also take advantage of multi-core processing to run faster.

Registered MIL users with valid maintenance subscriptions will automatically receive MIL 10 development packages shortly after its official release. Upgrade pricing will be available to update previously deployed run-time installations. MIL 10 will be available in early access form to interested developers in Q1 2013 and officially released in the second half of 2013. For further details, visit

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