Vacuum Blaster: powerful surface preparation without the mess
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Posted to News on 25th Jan 2017, 17:05

Vacuum Blaster: powerful surface preparation without the mess

Nederman is launching its new 418A/460A and 418E/460E Vacuum Blaster, an air-powered mobile dustless abrasive blasting system that offers superior productivity, suction power and separation efficiency.

Vacuum Blaster: powerful surface preparation without the mess

Core to the design of the Nederman dust-free blasting unit is its mobility. Mounted on a sturdy steel frame with wheels, the new pressure blasting unit can be manoeuvred anywhere around your workshop or factory. In addition, the new development from Nederman can be supplied with a variety of hose lengths, nozzles and filters - making it the portable choice for all your blasting needs. Competitor models are often cumbersome floor mounted systems that are in a fixed position.

The Nederman dust-free blasting units are suitable for different purposes and applications, and the new series demonstrates superior suction power and separation efficiency. As an industry expert in blasting applications, Nederman has developed the 418/460 Series as a complete mobile system. It is mounted on a trolley with a grit separator and it has a silo with an internal sieve, filling valve and efficient vacuum producer. A pneumatic valve in the bottom of the silo empties the dust into a plastic bag. The efficiency of this system is highlighted in its ability to re-circulate the shot media through the blasting and suction head beyond three times. This significantly reduces the cost of shot blasting media and it also reduces downtime with time-consuming filling and cleaning operations drastically reduced.

The pressure blasting system also comes with a 10m hose and a blasting and suction head as standard. The capacity of the vacuum unit is determined by the maximum blast pressure and the type of blasting abrasive used. The sieve ensures that larger extracted particles cannot enter into the blast vessel. The filling cone is pushed up by the blasting abrasive and the lid above it ensures sufficient clearance to eject the abrasive.

The robust steel constructed 418/460 Series has a blasting capacity that depends upon the chosen application. With high working pressure and maximum airflow, the 418/460 Series has a compression pressure gauge that rapidly informs the user of any change in operational pressure. The 193kg 418 Series has an 18 litre tank capacity. However, end users looking for a larger tank capacity for more sustained blasting operations can consider the new 460 Series with its 60 litre capacity tank and 242kg weight.

For further details on the new Vacuum Blaster from Nederman, contact your local representative or visit

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